Another Saturday, another hair appointment. I’m shiny and glossy but somehow more than a little frazzled inside. The world continues to take multiple turns for the worse. Since I last wrote, Russia 🇷🇺 has invaded Ukraine 🇺🇦 and another humanitarian disaster is unfolding before our eyes. Not only that, we also had to witness yet more racism in action, not only on the ground at the borders when people where trying to flee a war zone but it the reporting last weekend. I was shocked but not all surprised. It made me feel quite sad – all of it.

So there’s that.

In my own small small corner of the world, life rolls on. I am two weeks post annual leave and one week away from another three weeks of leave and I am shattered. All I want to do everyday is just sleep. I need to order my life a bit better so that I have more energy. At the moment it seems beyond me. But of course that I know, deep down is not true. I can effect change if I try. Current world events have put things into sharp perspective…

After my hair appointment, I was hungry, very hungry. So I popped in the Vietnamese restaurant opposite the hairdresser. I thought I might experiment and try something different, especially since all I’d heard were rave reviews from the hairdressers anytime they had ordered food from that place.

Thit Ga – chargrilled lemongrass chicken

I wasn’t disappointed (but I was also very very hungry!). I ordered and ate Thit Ga, chicken and rice with fresh vegetables and noodles. I had a pot of peppermint tea which also went down very well. I left feeling full and content – the best feeling I have had all week.

Last Saturday, after a rather disastrous trip to look at some second cars, my friend and I stopped at Westfield to grab a bite to eat. I ordered chicken and noodles, Vietnamese style. Not so pretty to look at but tasty and filling and washed down with apple, mint and ginger drink.

phở xào
wok fried flat rice noodles with lemongrass, chilli and Asian greens. Served with peanuts.

After yesterday’s meal I was not able to find anywhere to eat the dessert that I was craving. Minor problems really but I’ll share the dessert I did eat last week. A very nice, indulgent, crêpe.

‘I’ll have what she’s having…’
Whipped Cream

I’m taking a great deal of comfort in food right now, especially that which I have not cooked myself. It’s an absolute privilege that I am fully aware of.

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