I’m back in that place again! Totally unexpected. Seemingly crushed by cough and congestion, I’ve been for most of the day unable, unwilling to get out of bed. Unable to enjoy the sunshine that is flooding through the house. Too bad. I’m hoping that tomorrow will be different and I will more myself again.

After a very long lie-in I dragged myself out of bed, made some porridge for breakfast. Later on I made some akara and custard. Healing food if ever there was some.

I stumbled upon an Instagram Post last night on making akara in a Danish Pancake Pan. It looked so easy but it was not a success for me. It’s OK. I now own an aebleskiver pan and I’m excited about the other recipes I’m going try with it.

akara and custard – just the best…

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  1. Healing foods – Bunminola Bakes avatar

    […] so it literal self-care while Ignacio was out at work. Sometime after six in the evening I put the akara mixture from yesterday into a bowl and added 2 eggs and some sunflower oil. I poured the mixture into four […]


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