Let yourself rest

Maybe like never shopping when you are hungry, there should be a rule about not blog writing when you are sleep deprived. This sleep deprivation is my own doing, I don’t have a child that won’t sleep, I’m not in a bunker fearing for my life. No, I was preparing for clinic and writing a teaching presentation. Insane really. Was it worth it? Well I was able to complete my clinic consultations with I hope something useful to say to the parents. I went to two meetings back to back and presented my slides at the end of both meetings in half the time I had prepared for , so it felt rushed I felt , well I felt absolutely drained. And even so, after driving 120 miles today (and the car hitting the 100000 mile mark), I still can’t sleep. It’s as if I am stubbornly wanting to make some sort of problem for myself. I still have three full days of work before I start my annual leave of three weeks.

I feel as worn out as this car probably is

I got home, slumped on the sofa and have not been able to move since. I’ve doomed scrolled my way through Facebook and Twitter. I tried watching two potentially interesting Netflix series but just could not get into them, same old same old.

The only thing that is soothing me right now is listening to Adele’s 21’ album. Feels gloomy, suits my current mood and she has an amazing voice.

I just need to climb into my bed and reflect on the words below.


Not sure who Jeff Foster is but I’ll heed these words of his.

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