Watermelon, vegan feta and prosciutto salad, sunflower seeds and mint with honey vinaigrette

Fairly chilled day post birthday- lots of leftovers in the fridge and therefore no shortage of ingredients to inspire me.

Last week I bought a melon baller with the plan of making a cantaloupe and mozzarella salad but that recipe never materialised- I was too busy. But today I’d use it for a watermelon and feta cheese salad. Many years ago, in the heat of a Spanish summer, I ate a similar salad made by one of Ignacio’s aunts who we stayed with in Granada. It was the most refreshing thing I had ever tasted at the time and I have never forgotten it.

In my own ‘UK’ version – feta cheese is vegan ( a wonderful new discovery for me at my sister’s house one weekend) and made from coconut nut oil and has such a creamy and smooth texture/taste that I think I’m a convert, if I can ever find this brand in the shops again.

I assembled the salad put it in the fridge for a while to let it chill, I was experimenting really. The final result was delicious 😋. Sweet, savoury, salty all at once and a level of ‘chillness’ that would be perfect for a hot summer afternoon. I was quite pleased with the result. Definitely something I will attempt again and mix and match any of the ingredients as I please / depending on what is in the fridge!

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