Watercress salad with grilled peaches and mackerel

So I had a relative glut of peaches 🍑 leftover from the weekend, just on the right side of ripe. I thought it would be nice to grill them and eat them as part of a salad.

I might have overdone it with the ‘drizzle with olive oil’ part because at one point I thought “I’m actually frying these peaches!”.

The salad was watercress with vegan feta cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and a basil and honey vinaigrette.

Ignacio fried up some mackerel and we ended up eating the most tastiest of lunches. 😋

My lovely Ignacio

Juicy sweet peaches and creamy feta was a lovely contrast to the savouriness of the mackerel.

A pocket of loveliness in a world 🌍 full of madness.

Reference: https://www.aspicyperspective.com/grilled-peaches-and-watercress-salad/

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