It feels like it is not often that I get to spent time in London with Ignacio. When we first met, it was all we did. We’d meet up in the evening for something to eat and then go and see a film. It was a lovely pattern of our lives back then and something I look back on with a smile on my face. We started of this day quite lazy. A long lie-in and a heated discussion on the appropriateness of the term and concept of the term ‘Nigerian tapas’ – don’t ask (!) 😳.

We finally make it downstairs for a brunch of sorts. I fryed up a beyond burger meat-free patty, which we ate with brioche buns, humous, brie and tomato.

a cheeky selfie in the car!

The orginal plan was to go to Borough Market but the time we thought to think about the opening times, it was five to three with a closing time of three o’clock. Space cadets the two of us! So we got on the Tube and decided that we could go to Camden Market. However 30 minutes or so on the Central Line was rather too much, the heat and sweat meant that we got out at Tottenham Court road and planned to wander around letting our curiosity guide the way.

Well it was great.

We went to Forbidden Planet and I bought a Unicorn Game 🦄.

Then we stopped at Hotel Chocolate and indulged in an iced choc shake and bought some hot chocolate mint for the autumn days…

Then we wandered through to Neal Yard and Seven Dials Market, Cucumber Alley. A completely new place for me. I did not know that it existed. It was exactly what I needed to experience after the Covid restrictions had locked us all down. Food and people. Just wonderful.

Discovered a Japanese pastry shop Wheel Cakes, delicious.

Then kept wandering towards Covent Garden and found ourselves in New Row and eating more food. We stopped at Le Gelateria to eat some mini-icecreams.

Just like old days. Really nice.

Then we headed to Trafalgar Square , there was no 4th plinth item! Then we walked to St James Park and sat by the lake for a while and watched the world – ducks and people – pass by.

Came home and had a little dinner of bits and pieces.

Toasted bread, marinated anchovies, manchego, Spanish omelette

And that was it. A simple no frills afternoon. However it warmed me to my core. London is my city, my beating heart. ❤️

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