I’d bought a mini barbecue early in the summer, with the plan of having a Birthday BBQ for family and friends. That plan went out of the window completely, when it was clear that temperatures of 30oC and above were not conductive to outdoor cooking. Instead we found another alternative and waited. Suddenly the August Bank Holiday weekend was upon us and we thought it would be the perfect time to try out our new equipment. Unfortunately for us, all the family that we invited had made other plans, so it was just Ignacio and I. It did mean that we had a little leeway to try things that we might not have traditionally offered at a barbecue. We went vegetarian!

We bought some Portebello mushrooms, asaparagus and mozzarella. We used up the sweetcorn, brioche buns, tomatoes and pesto that we had in the house. The whole combination was unusual and surpisingly tasty. I am not sure that it would have adequately fed ‘the hungry masses’ had they been present, but it certainly went down well with us, in the summer sunshine, with Fela Kuti playing along in the background.

After our lovely lunch. I took a little snooze before doing a little bit of cleaning and dusting. We had booked to go and see the Jordan Peele film ‘Nope’ at our local cinema. I had not read anything about, I had only seen the trailer, so I did not know what to expect. I was not disappointed. It was really good film, I was gripped from the beginning right through to the end. I thought the acting, dialogue and cinematography was great. The storyline/plot, well you’ll have to see it for yourself, but it was sufficiently interesting to keep you engaged and wondering. I would definately see it again, if given the chance/ somebody wanted to see it with me.

When we got home later that evening, I was responsible for dinner and I really couldn’t be bothered to cook! So I raided the fridge and cupboards for leftovers and snacks. I managed to cobble together a motley crew of savoury goods which turned out to be suprisingly filling and tasty.

Marinated anchovies
Smoked salmon
Spanish omelette 

Mixed grain crisp bread
Linguette flatbread 

Sea salt and crushed peppercorn crisps

Olives and feta cheese


We demolished the lot…

And that was Saturday, a simple no frills, but very lovely day.

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