For the first, and perhaps only time this holiday, we got up early and had breakfast outside the house. We took a short and pleasant walk into town in search of a place to devour some churros. We ended up however, in a different venue to the one we were aiming for and eating porras instead of churros.

Before yesterday I did not know porras even existed. They are a lighter, crunchier and thicker/chunkier version of the churro. The addition of baking soda (or yeast) makes for the airer texture.

Although we did not eat where and what we where expecting, we were by no means disappointed with what we ordered. Sitting in the Andalusian sunshine, munching away on these fried pastries dipped in thick hot chocolate, was deeply satisfying . Absolutely no complaints from me!

2 responses to “An unexpected breakfast”

  1. Leah avatar

    Good thing I could not reach into your photo because I might not stop myself from taking your hot chocolate and porras! LOL! I have not heard of porras until I read your post. This reminded me of chocolate con churros when we visited Madrid years ago. 🙂

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    1. Bunminola Bakes avatar

      They were new for me too. So tasty. I miss them now…!

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