What a quiet and lovely Christmas Day. We managed to get up early and drove to Estepona. We took a nice long walk along the coast as well as revisiting the place where we got married. What a dream. Despite all the tunes around me, I was certainly not thinking of a white Christmas this morning. I quite enjoyed the feeling of the warm winter sun on my face. I enjoyed the sound of the waves gently lapping onto the empty beach. It was quite a different Christmas experience.

We drove back home and we were treated to Christmas dinner like no other. Simple starters of canapés – cheese topped with mojama and peeled cherry tomato, avocado with salmon and dill.

The main Christmas dish was leg of lamb, slow cooked with mushrooms and sultanas, accompanied by mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with gravy. It was all very moreish, I found myself having two servings it was that good. Dessert was a fruit compote with the return of the sweet whipped cream. It was somehow quite filling, and with two glasses of wine, I almost fell into a food coma!

And then, all of a sudden Christmas 2022 was over. It has been the most pleasant experience. I am thankful that Ignacio’s parents made it just the most stress free of days. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to be somewhere else, while Ignacio also got to be with his family at Christmas.

And now we roll with medium pace, towards 2023. Let’s see what the next week brings…

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