Sunday morning, up early-ish, for me that is. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning sunshine, planning my next baking adventure and listening to Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’.

This album is my not-so guilty pleasure. Not a Taylor Swift fan by any means but I downloaded the album on iTunes years ago and I play whenever I want to displace whatever current unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling I am experiencing, with a sunshiny, it will be OK in the end, somehow… feeling. I’m not sure if that was Swift’s sentiment but by the time I’ve finished listening to the whole album I’ve usually pulled myself out of whatever mental funk I was in and I am ready to face reality. Strange huh…?

2 responses to “Shake It Off…”

  1. Tanooki avatar

    Chocolate peanut butter cup coffee!? OMG, I really want to join you😂☕️💕✨ How did you like it?👀💕

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    1. Bunminola Bakes avatar

      It was wonderful!

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