How many posts can I write about pancakes?

It seems that today the answer is 3.

Yes, the pancake batter was the gift that kept giving. Well it would be if only one person is eating pancakes. Ignacio was out all day and anyway he is not the biggest fan pancakes. I still had yet more batter left after my breakfast and lunch.

I decided that mushrooms were going into the remains of the batter. I chopped up three mushrooms, fried them, let them cool down and then added them to the pancake mixture.


This time eaten with chilli ketchup from Leon (OMG delicious) and more cucumber slices. This time, after my Wednesday night yoga class

What can I say. It feels weird that all that I ate, the day after pancake day, was pancakes. Eight in total. I felt completely full and not heavy. Maybe not surprising because apart from the yoga class and getting petrol (in readiness for my Thursday and Friday commutes) I’d been pretty sedentary all day. I loved my mild experimentation. Of course I can be bolder and more creative next time I use this recipe. An alternative to my French Toast obsession!

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