Peanut, sweet potato and butter bean stew

So I decided to have another go at this peanut and sweet potato stew.

This time I substituted butter beans instead of kidney beans. I didn’t have any coriander and I don’t really like too much cumin so I only used mixed spice , ground tumeric and ground fenugreek. I also used a little more peanut butter (I’m a big fan). Like before I found the same bitter after taste and remedied it with a squeeze of honey.

Then I wondered why it should be so bitter? In the last recipe I made I thought it was because I’d over cooked the onions, which would have made sense (but not much). Then I remembered that the ground fenugreek was the only new spice that I don’t recall using before. So I looked at what the internet had to say about fenugreek and it seems that the seeds do have a bitter taste.

The final product was soft creamy and buttery but perhaps a little too thick. I think I may have been over generous with the peanut butter!

However it was good enough to eat and take for a packed lunch when I went into work.

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