Deciding to put a barrier between me and my work stress, last week, I finished work on time and took myself out to go and see Rye Lane at my local cinema.

So glad that I did. Such a heartwarming and uplifting film.

Afterwards I thought I’d explore the latest new restaurant in town – Busaba Thai.

I’ve been coming to this chain for years, ever since my little sister introduced me to it. I would mostly haunt the central London based venues after work , hairdressers appointments or just to break up an aimless wander around the city. It was a place that I would just walk into and find a seat easily. In previous restaurants the seating was communnal, no reservations needed and the service relatively fast. My favourite dish on the menu was a green chicken curry.

Circa July 2010 – then a delicious dish

2023 and it’s like I’m walking into a different place. Gone are the shared seating arrangements and in are tables that have to be booked. One the evening that I went the place was relatively quiet so the service was fast and efficient.

I ordered crispy duck noodles.

Crispy duck noodles – aromatic crispy duck with wok fried noodles, mushroom, cucumber, hoisin and soy sauce served with chilli jam.

The dish was nice enough. Maybe the the noodles were a little greasy for me. However the rest of the experience was nice – the staff were polite and attentive. Even though the place is large, it still felt cozy. Mostly I think I was still riding on the high of the film I’d just watched and enjoying the newness of the place.

Will I come back ? Let’s see what the future brings.

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