One Saturday morning in April, I got up early, forfeiting my weekend lie in pursuit of banishment of my grey hairs.

Yup, you’ve guessed it – I was off to Central London to my favourite hairdressers.

I took the 0834 train into town which meant that I did arrive an hour early for my appointment but I thought I would use the opportunity to pause and reflect on the past week – with a cup of tea and a croissant for company.

Earl grey tea and a croissant

I spent 30 minutes people watching. I looked on with jealousy at a couple completing a the simple act of putting on their coats to leave. I marvelled with what ease they were able to raise both arms above their heads and gracefully push their hands through the sleeves and slide on their coats. I can only dream about doing that now! Currently I tentatively navigate my left arm through the left coat sleeve , that is conveniently hanging down so I don’t have to battle against gravity. Then my right arm swings round and ‘searches’ for the right coat sleeve and it pulled on my the left hand. It’s so much drama – so much.

I finished my tea and croissant and made my way to my hairdresser.

…the greys are managed for now.

Afterwards I walked down to the Wellcome institute. I had wanted to go to the ‘Objects in Stereo’ exhibition. I eventually did but not before I was distracted my the ‘Milk’ exhibition. OMG – what an interesting display of science, history, culture through the story of milk.

So much to unpack. So much to process and digest. It deserves a whole blog post by itself. However, I think I would leave to the journalists.

I did make it to the other exhibitions – very different, in their own way.

I walked a bit further down the road and signed up for a reader card at the British Museum. I’ll be back later to explore what there is too offer. Not far from the British Museum was Leon. I stopped there and treated myself to the Lentil Masala. So nutty and a creamy and a pure delight.


Lentil masala –

And then I made my way back out of town back to my home. Tired and – something else…

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