It occurs to me, that perhaps, despite all appearances, I am quite lonely. I can certainly fill my time with people, things and activities. That’s incredibly easy to do these days. Life can be so overwhelming and there are so many committents to fulfil and honour. However I am feeling ‘like the tank is empty’.

Today has been a quiet day. I cannot complain. I’ve had freedom. I’ve had time. I’ve been able to do anything I’ve wanted.

I experimented in the kitchen. I took out cans of chickpeas, green lentils and coconut milk and a block of tofu. I sauted two chopped onions in two tablespoons of coconut oil, salt and hot sweet paprika. I added the tofu, chickpeas, lentils and coconut milk and let the whole thing bubble and then simmer.

It’s not very pretty to look at but it made for a delicious lunch. Then I took an hours walk around the neighbourhood.

A perfect day. I cannot complain.

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