It’s Christmas Day.

It’s a very quiet one this year.

Very quiet.

A walk before lunch.

A quiet lunch with my husband and the in-laws

Lovely prawns, it’s a shame I was allergic to the preservative.

A starter of guacamole and salmon (ceviche) and prawns. I must be allergic to the preservative in the prawns, as not long afterwards I felt a tingling and itching in my throat and around my mouth. I had to leave to take an antihistamine.

Main lunch was a seafood lasagna followed by the leftover compote from yesterday. I did not have seconds and this is the first time I have left the table without feeling completely stuffed, I guess there is first time for everything! More room for something else, I guess.

After a short snooze, we played a family game of cifras y letras. 


A great deal of fun.

The evening meal was a light but delicious affair, pumpkin soup made with lentils and spices, followed by tortilla made with asparagus.

Dessert was chirimoya (custard apple).

And so that was Christmas Day 2017.

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