Rolling into day 4. I’m in Nacho’s childhood bedroom listening to Sam Smith on Spotify.

I’ve just spent the last few hours writing emails to my work colleagues. I am my own worst enemy it seems. I complain about being overwhelmed by work but I still have not managed to fully disconnect. My excuse it that I’m now full of the energy I was lacking last week. Or maybe I’m just a workaholic.

I have had a nice day today. I came back from the beach and ate a lovely lunch. I did actually finish reading The Chimp Paradox and did think that I clearly need to spend more time nurturing and caring for my inner chimp. It might do me the world of good. I fell asleep in the sun after that and woke up with a neck ache. So I shuffled upstairs back to bed and slept for a few more hours. I slept until I was called down for a merienda. I indulged in half a Moroccan honey cookie, two vegan Magdalenas and a cup of green rose tea. Yes, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

I then was just sparking and somehow thought that the best thing to do with this new found energy was to summarise an article on the development of an questionnaire on camouflaging in autistic individuals. No comment…

I had just read this book. I ordered from Amazon a few days ago and it arrived on Saturday. It’s short and very visual with excellent illustrations.

So I was feeling inspired.

My inspiration continued after a lovely dinner. Another Spanish classic. Patatas Aliñadas/ papas aliñás – dresses potatoes.

Patatas Aliñadas (Dressed potatoes) with mackerel. Delicious and refreshing

And after a short night walk back to the beach

It occurred to me that perhaps I was not being so social. However if I am being honest with myself, sitting here in this room just me and the music was rather nice. The whole day has recharged me in multiple ways.

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