Let things come to you

Yesterday morning I noticed a little message on the teabag of the tea that I did not have enough time to drink. Let things come to you. I thought “oh!”. I thought “aren’t I meant to be striving for things to happen in exactly the way I want them to happen?”. I mean, so far I have be wildly unsuccessful with that attitude, so perhaps it is time for a change in attitude?

Église de San Pedro de Alcántara. A beautiful building with bright and uplifting colours.

That same morning we where in town on a mission for Nacho and we had a few minutes to spare. We walked to the town square and went inside the Church, Église de San Pedro de Alcántara.

As well as elephants and art galleries, Churches are just one of my favourite things to explore and ‘collect’. When I used to travel alone, it was one of the places that I would be found in, just trying to understand what inspired men to build and decorate these buildings. I’m not sure I was any the wiser after many visits but I was always in awe. I also found these places to be peaceful and quiet and allowed to think. This morning, I sat on one of the benches at the back and looked at all the imagery and sent up a few thoughts to the divine. There was a time in my life when I would have feverently believed that somebody or something would be listening to me, yes me, little old me. I would have earnestly said my prayers, put money in the tins and expectantly lit candles. Not so much now. I sat there instead and offered up my fears and my tears without expectation. As I left I looked up and translated the only writing I could read on the wall Jesus es el pan de vida . I smiled to myself.

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