An afternoon in the sun

It is Wednesday afternoon. I’m sitting on stone steps in the sun. This time tomorrow, I will be home wishing I was back here. At least that’s I think will happen. I’m not really sure what will happen. On the side here, I am watching ‘The Wife’ on Netflix. It stars Glenn Close and Charlie Slater. It’s holding my attention in the way that these Netflix movies do. The last one I watched was ‘Wine Country’ with Amy Poehler , Maya Rudolph and a host of other fantastic female actors. I should probably spend more time getting out and about rather that watching films on the internet!

Holidays always give me time to think and reflect on my life and try and work out what will be different when I return to the hum drum of my real life. It’s always work that I’m seeking to change because it feels like it is the thing that consumes me the most. It takes my time, my thoughts and my energy. I suppose if I had something more to show for it then perhaps it might be alright. At the moment it feels like there is just a never ending pile of reports to complete and nothing else matters. This is of course not true but it’s hard to see when you are under it.

I need to make more effort to be in control and not let it overtake me. It might free up some space for me to tackle other things in my life more effectively. Work is a great reason to ‘not have time’ to face reality. I don’t want to do that anymore.

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