What if…?

I went back in time visited myself in my 20’s.

What would I tell her about my life now?

Would I ask her about my life in her present?

Would I resist telling her about my ups and downs, so that I would not alter the fabric of time. Or had it already been altered hence that was why I am living my present life.

These thoughts came to me because I asked Nacho what he’d think if I approached him, as me now in my 40s when he was in his 20s living in Spain as a student. What if I told him that I was who he was going to be married to. Voy a ser tu mujer en el futuro.

Or vice versa I am in my 20s at medical school and Nacho is his 40s approaches me. You are going to marry me in the future

What do we tell our younger selves?

I’d love to write that story.

It’d be weird but so much fun.

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