So Saturday morning, this happened.

This is me waiting the requisite 15 minutes.

I received my COVID booster. It is 6 months after I received my 2nd dose in March.

It was very easy to organise. I got an email from my Trust stating that I did not need to wait for an invitation for the vaccination and I could just book an appointment online. So I did. I booked an appointment on Thursday afternoon between my morning and afternoon clinics, for the following Saturday morning.

I was OK afterwards, nothing but a sore arm and big dose of gratitude that I was able to access this.

Sunday morning I was still grateful but somehow feeling like trash! Aching all over, the kind that hurts to move. Felt like someone had been at me with a human size meat tenderiser. So I stayed in bed until well after midday.

Then I downed to ibuprofen tablets, made my way to the kitchen and made some French toast with brioche (set myself alight in the process because I was so sleepy 🥱 but that’s for another story for another day). There were some strawberries leftover from last weekend so I chopped those up. I also made myself a little cup of black coffee with honey.

For a late lunch I managed to fry some cod, boil some runner beans that a colleague gave me from work and reheat the curry and rice from yesterday. Very nice, washed down with some sparkling apple juice.

I was feeling OK. I won’t say fine but I felt human. I put on Netflix and starred at the TV screen until my friend called me. It was nice to speak with her until I found difficult to ignore the aching pains that were creeping up on me as the analgesia started to wear off. I then got to the stage that I could not even hold my phone let alone a conversation so I ended the call, took more ibuprofen and went to sleep.

I have always found that I have weird dreams when I have day naps. Today was no exception. I woke up feeling confused and upset and still in pain, so I dragged myself into the shower hoping it would make me feel better.

It did for a few minutes but it was exhausting. I managed to put on a fresh pair of pyjamas and flopped onto the bed unable to do anything more. It’s all unsettling, I don’t like feeling so crappy especially when I have things to do!

I wasn’t really hungry but I thought I ought to eat something before I went to bed, so I toasted a slice of bread and ate it with some lomo (Spanish, dry cured meat from pork tenderloin).

And so there is it. I’m hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow. Resting and eating is usually one of the ways to reset myself.

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