Hello, it is quarter past three in the morning and the temperature is not conductive to sleeping! So I thought I would share some lost music I was listening to the other night (another time when I could not sleep). Why I am calling it lost? Lost because I cannot seem to find them on Spotify to play and on iTunes to buy. It’s bizarre – but I can find them on YouTube.

So let me take you on a short trip down memory lane..

1. ‘You Are Everything’ – Melanie Williams and Joe Roberts

This duet came out in 1994. I was preparing for my ‘A’ level examinations and future life as a medical student and I would listen to this on repeat for hours on end – late at night at the family dining table. I would stop whatever piece of coursework or revision I was doing and sing along dramatically to the tune.

Interestingly I’ve never seen this video until a few days ago – when I was racking my memory and searching the internet for this track . My memory of this song was amazing vocals and dreamy lyrics of a love unfulfilled, yearning and heartache. I was a 17-year old girl with ridiculous and unrealistic notions of romance. Listening to the song again after a 28 year hiatus, I am reminded of that innocent little teenager that was me for whom music was life and everything

A little internet search, tells me that this song can be found on an album called ‘Human Cradle’ by Melanie Williams – but does not seem to be on iTunes or Spotify.

2. ‘That Look In Your Eyes’ – Ali Campbell and Pamela Starks

The year is 1995 and I am in the summer term in my first year at medical school. I’m doing OK academically and my social awkwardness continues to be the bug bear of my life – I have made a few friends but in reality spend most of my time studying and daydreaming. I am living at home and continue study in the peace, quiet and space of the dining table. Probably that summer was one the most upbeat that I ever was at medical school, it was just the beginning 😄 and in my own little bubble I was OK. This was a upbeat jaunty little song that I loved. It can be found on an Ali Campbell (from UB40) album callled Big Love – but not on Spotify and iTunes!

3. ‘Nobody’ – Kate Earl

The year is 2009 (?) I’ve been qualified as a doctor for almost a decade. I’m woefully single and still have unrealistic notions of love and romance. I spend my evenings oncall at the hospital, asleep in an exhausted heap or trying to complete work for the Masters in Clinical Paediatrics I had started. I heard this on an episode of 90210, the series that I was binge-watching at that time. At time time in my life, as opposed to my student days, I actually had an iTunes account and yes felt more than a little perturbed that I could not find this song! But it was all OK…

So there we have it, a little trip down memory late. It’s quarter to five now, the sun has risen, it’s time for me to go to back to bed…

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