So Christmas Eve escalated quickly. It had started off quite chilled and unassuming, a sunshine filled, carefree beach walk followed by a peaceful afternoon of baking and reading. One minute I was getting through ‘Of This Our Country’ lost in the world of all things Nigerian and also hungrily thinking about dinner. The next minute, I was being asked to get changed for dinner and come to the kitchen. It sounded exciting. So I glammed up – put on my sparkly brown and gold jumper and brown leather skirt and became a posh person for a while.

It was a real pleasure to help with the starters for the Christmas Eve meal. With my mother-in-law, we put together the banderillas artichokes, gherkins and peeled cherry tomatoes and mojama (dried salt tuna).

Then we put together some canapés

Blue cheese mixed with burrata topped with an apple sauce and caramelised pistachio nuts.

Sobrasada topped with fried quails eggs

Ricotta topped with wild salmon and dried dill

I mean what can I say? Absolutely lush…

Dinner was a seafood soup to die for, followed by a fruit salad dessert covered in sweet whipped cream.

All in all, very filling and a very nice end to the day and Christmas Eve like no other.

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