And all of a sudden I found myself alone. It was not at all unpleasant. I found myself a Danish bakery, ordered a KlØben bun and a cup hot chocolate, and tried not to think about all the feelings that were churning around inside me. It was relatively easy to do. I had my current bookclub book ‘The Attic Child’ by Lola Jaye. For a while I was lost in the world and trauma of Lowra, one of the protagonists in the story. A very effective way of distracting myself from all my turmoil and the tumultuos aftermath.

Soft dough bun with cardamom and raisins covered in sugar and almonds.

In the end what I wanted to bury was the feeling of needing to just cry. And I am not sure why I wanted to cry. Maybe it was the release of tension. The build up had been something that I had taken in my stride but the truth was that I wildly curious about what might emerge. How I might feel. It turned out to a confrontation of a raw and beautiful truth.

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