So I met an old old friend yesterday for lunch.

I’ve never quite understood how one person can bring another person such joy. Sometimes it makes no sense. I am so glad I took time out for this.

I also realised that I am not just the person I was two decades ago. I thought I was, I thought I had not changed. I was all prepared to fall back into that old persona, like a flick of a switch. I thought I would fall into that blissful haze of cotton and candy. But it did not happen. And maybe that was OK.

I realised I was perfectly content with my and in my imperfection. I have much to work on but all in good time and as my wise old friend said with patience and faith.

Fior di latte, gorgonzola, taleggio &
Parmesan . And extra olives,

I did wonder how I could be good friend. How could I be a good friend when on the otherside of the world. On the other side of the table, I listened and empathised. I hope I did my best.

Life and the people you might choose to take journey with can be pretty harsh. I think I learnt today, that as best as you can – treat people with kindness.

Something to work on as my wise old friend says patience and faith.

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